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Incentives in the tourism sector

The increase in the number of tourist arrivals and tourism income has an important role in promoting the tourism industry.

One of the most important regulations in our country in order to promote the tourism sector is the Incentive Law No. 2634.

Hotels and tourism sector investment, depending on the subject being supported by the Ministry of Economy and incentives http://www.ekonomi.gov.tr/ are described in detail in the address.Incentive amounts vary according to the area to do investment. In terms of promoting our country's legislation it is divided into six regions.

For example, in Izmir incentives which will be given to an entrepreneur who wants to make a hotel before or after the investment is made to the investment 31.12.2013, varies according to whether it is in the OSB; 

  • Tax Rebate,
  • Employers' share of insurance premiums,
  • Interest Support,
  • Investment allocation,
  • KDV Exemption,
  • Customs Tax Exemption,
  • Benefit from incentives such as regional fixed investment amount and the amount of incentives and rates vary according to the region where the investment.

Incentives vary according to region and type of investment incentives. For example; Culture and Tourism Conservation and Development Regions will be held in thermal tourism tourist accommodation or investments 5. It supports benefit from the region. (Http://www.ekonomi.gov.tr/portal/content/conn/ucm/uuid/ddocname:ek-208652)

Date 19.08.2015, Official Newspaper No. 29450; "2015/8 foreign currency earning services ANNOUNCEMENT ABOUT DECISION AMENDING DECISION SUPPORT OF TRADE" it has been published. 

According to this; By private health organizations that protocol with the Ministry of Economy or fly to the treatment of patients;

  1. 50% of scheduled flights per aircraft or other transportation expenses if the patient brought with Turkey and up to 1,000 USD,
  2. Non-scheduled (charter) all of the time with the introduction of air per patient in Turkey to exceed the USD 200 transportation expenses will be paid.

 It supports participation in international tourism fairs covered;

 On the other hand;

  • Provided Incentives Act with promoting tourism
  • Support Oriented Cinema Movies
  • KDV Exemption of Foreign Movie Producer
  • On issues such as tax incentives are also provided to support cultural sponsorship.

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