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Izmir's Investment Opportunities-Unique Opportunities For Investment

Petro Chemistry

Ø  Sector hosting of large-scale, capital, intensive-technology and thousands of raw material producers.

Ø   Attractive markets that grow faster from developed countries and world average

Ø   Export target in petrochemical sector on 2023: $3.5 billion

Ø   Petrochemical industry giants operating in İzmir: Tupras and Petkim

Ø  The sector that represents %25 of the total chemical production

Ø  The first investment area: approved in the framework of the New Incentive Law (STAR – Turkey Aegean Refinery)

Textile, Confection and Outfit

Ø  Approximately 3,400 companies in Izmir

Ø   Export of $1, 5 billion from Izmir.

Ø   Preference of European and Arab countries in wedding dresses and evening dresses

Ø  IF Wedding Fashion Fair İzmir – Wedding Dresses and Evening Dresses, organized in İzmir each year

Ø  Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Center is an example of cluster for the sector

Ø  Buca Aegean Dress Organized Industrial Zone: an important textile organized zone in Turkey

Ø  Studies to establish Technical Textile Research and Application Center


Ø  The sector creating high value-added within agriculture-based industries

Ø   Leading manufacturer of Oriental Tobacco that is also known as Turkish Tobacco in the foreign markets.

Ø  The city that takes the leading position in the production with 68 thousand tons

Ø  Tobacco exports center: Izmir

Ø  A sector that creates additional value among the agriculture based sectors

Ø  The export target for 2023 in the tobacco and products:  $1,2 billion

Ø  A contribution of $7 billion to the Central Government Budget.

 Food and Beverage

Ø  İzmir has a very diverse production from the fig to the tobacco, from the citrus fruits to milk, from the olive oil to grain, from the medical and aromatic plants to wine, from the flowers to bee products

Ø  Above the Turkish efficiency and quality general of Turkey in many products with modern agricultural structure

Ø  A city which is promising a good future in the sectors of organic agriculture, greenhouse, geothermal greenhouse, ornamentals, milk, citrus fruits, nuts, fruits and vegetables, wine, arboriculture , small cattle breeding and fishery products as much as cotton, tobacco, olive – olive oil, grape and fig

Ø  3rd city in the total value of agricultural production with $2,8 billion of total production

Ø   3rd city in the value of herbal production

Ø   3rd city in the value of livestock production

Ø   4th city in the value of animal production

Ø   Izmir’s allocation is 12.5 % in agriculture, livestock fisheries, food products and beverage export in Turkey.

Ø  With the production of 36.467 tons and $135 million production value a strategic city in the fishery products

Ø  The capital city of milk production: İzmir produces 10% of Turkey’s dairy products

Ø  The center of organic agriculture, hosts organic products fair

Ø  Number of products more than 140 varieties

Ø  One of the two genetic banks of plant is located in İzmir


Ø  İzmir realizes more than  9% of Turkey’s vehicle export

Ø   The presence of small industrial sites which serves the automotive sub-industry

Ø   Experienced worker potential which is grown in motor vehicle manufacturing sector

Ø   The presence of schools which offer vocational and technical education about automotive

Ø   A pioneer city in the automotive sub-industry especially in rim, battery and brake lining


Ø   300 days of sunshine

Ø   8500 years of history

Ø   All kinds of tourism such as cruise, culture, cities, nature, sea, health and faith tourism

Ø   3 consecutive years of Europe’s best cruise destination: İzmir

Ø   237 facilities in Izmir and its districts; 22.000 rooms; 47.000 bed capacity

Ø  43 beaches with blue flag

Ø  6 marinas, two of which have blue flag

Ø  A popular surf  destination: Alaçatı

Renewable energy 

Ø   Third biggest city in Turkey in terms of wind energy potential

Ø  Turkey’s most efficient wind flow and most suitable region to use wind energy

Ø   Solar energy potential is above Turkey’s average

Ø  Highest potential in Turkey in terms of geothermal resources

Ø  Possibility to energy based geothermal electricity and house warming


Ø  Source of skilled people for the production of science and technology

Ø   Infrastructure for telecommunication, Internet & Broadband, Hardware and software industry

Ø   4 Technoparks, 9 Universities and R & D Centers

Ø   Turkey's leading science and technology park: Izmir Sciencepark


Ø  Total 57 hospitals (private and state owned)
   10.812 bed capacity

Ø   50 Branch Centers,

Ø   30 Medical Centers,

Ø  4 JCI accredited healthcare providers, including 3 hospitals and one clinical laboratory,

Ø   7 thermal facilities as well as 4 certified thermal facilities