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Health Tourism in Izmir

Quality health care and adequate tourism potential in terms of countries with "health tourism" is very important. Health tourism; demand elasticity is a hard type of tourism.

Because it is generally fragile tourism industry. Tourist; especially in countries at risk; holidays will make the price policy of the country, a new tourism branch is added to the diverse, their budget and so on. Also due to a risk so let it choose to change or cease to participate in tourism activities is available nutation.

However; In addition to holiday; also came to get the health care and the health of tourists who have booked in advance to give up its tourism activities is not easy. 

Therefore, Izmir and our country with high potential in terms of health tourism; to make conditions as health tourism has the appropriate geographic and investment climate.

The Akslepion the establishment of the first hospital within the borders of historic Pergamon.

Izmir throughout history; "Where entry of Death", "the opening of the city testaments" as is.

Izmir; the current supply of health tourism; health tourism will not be reinvented, it is a city that just can mobilize the existing potential.

Indeed, our country stands out temperature of 410 and 123 thermal springs located in the Aegean region with the flow.59 of these resources are also in Izmir.

Operating in the health sector in Izmir, public, private, including the State; There are a total of 55 hospitals. Also 6 Oral and Dental Health Center, Dental Clinic 76, 48 Branch Center, 30 Medical Center, 32 polyclinics operate in our city.

 Operating as a registered Izmir Chamber of Commerce;

  • Medical Supplies Group 1069,
  • Human Health Occupation Group 609,
  • Opticians in Job Group 263,

There are 295 companies active member of the Dental Group.

TC Ministry of Health General Directorate of Treatment Services Health Tourism according to the definition made by the Coordinator;

  • Another place to plan a trip for any reason, take care of the place of residence "health tourism," said the person who will travel "health tourists" is called.
  • Tourists Health: places of residence from another country while traveling leisure tourists who are called to an urgent and sudden having to take care of developing the disease.
  • Health tourism: the health of the environment and the tourists that visit and to stay (pool water, healthy food and drinking water, etc.) Tourist environment includes the environmental impact in terms of health tourists. 

In other words; protect the health of people, all the journeys made between countries in order to find healing and treatment "health tourism" is defined.

Health tourism services to improve both patient aims to offer different services to both families.

The increase in social security costs in developed countries are forced to pay the social security institutions and private health organizations with cost-effective social security institutions in different countries it leads to establish links with organizations that offer quality services.

Singapore, India, Thailand is among the countries with high levels of interest from Far Eastern countries such as health tourism in Malaysia. 

The world's largest health care accrediting organization, the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation has 15 hospitals with Turkey, this number is increasing every year.

Each country has in place the institutions that the countries of the world standards of health institutions in our country and the National Hospital Accreditation Association was founded in September 2007 this task (UHAD) fulfills.

Health tourism is the globally accepted standards.

  • To provide health care within the framework of ethical values,
  • Physical and be easily accessible from the economic point of view,
  • Cultural communication between health care providers and those who need health care,
  • Physical standards,
  • Adequate medical technology
  • International medical technologies,
  • International common treatment protocols,
  • Adequate information technology,
  • Transportation and transfer standards,
  • Employees standard.

A Health Tourism should cover elements of the organization are as follows:

  • Health tourism should cover the period up to the patient returning home from leaving the house.
  • Coordination with the insurance company should be run.
  • Health tourism organizations and institutions should be certified determined.
  • Package with health care services should be provided within the framework of tourism programs together.
  • Health tourism promotional programs and campaigns should be replicated.
  • Providing support to help healthcare organizations to deliver services in tourism, international business and transactions must be submitted by working non-stop service partner.

Within the framework of health tourism services that organizations deal they made, roundtrip airfare, transfers by private car, stay in quality hotels, inspection, pre-tests, post-operation checks, offer tourist activities accompanied by specific guidelines.

It is listed below where the other concepts related to health tourism.

Intermediation; conducting business and operations related to treatment and rehabilitation services for international patients in our country, during the post-treatment follow-up and treatment in health care institutions; helping patients are real and legal persons providing consulting and translation services.

Health Travel Agency, Travel Agencies No. 1618 and established by the Law Association of Travel Agencies of travel agents; Bearing the health tourism criteria will TÜRSAB determined and certified by TÜRSAB, showing thermal and activities in the field of tourism for the elderly, outpatient coming to our country to get health services that serve close to patients and also various package tours to these people, accommodation, transportation, travel, sports and entertainment agencies which are authorized to provide services.

Health tourism; Medicine is divided into three as thermal and disabled tourism. The concept of tourism on the agenda recently retired as within the scope of health tourism.


The concept is presented as a combination of medical treatment and holidays, and cost-effective medical tourism.The duration of treatment is continued until the patient returned to his country and begin leaving the country. Preliminary examination and inspection, transportation transfers, treatment and control processes, tourist transport and transfer, including the return to the country this concept activities.

Initially; Johns Hopkins America, mostly in the rich world, the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and have traveled the world renowned MD Anderson hospital and they like to.In the last year; American citizens, high-quality treatment in a more economical and privacy as they get outside their own country.

Today; Citizens of many countries tend to travel cross-country for medical tourism. 

Medical Tourism treatments carried out;

  • Further surgery (cardiovascular surgery, radiation, etc.).
  • Transplantation
  • Infertility (IVF etc.).
  • Aesthetic surgery
  • Ocular, dental, dialysis and so on.


Mineralized thermal waters and mud, in the composition of environmental and climatic factors in the area's resources, in order to contribute positively to human health, specialist physicians and control program; physical therapy, rehabilitation, exercise, psychotherapy, in coordination with supportive therapy such as diet is the tourism movement for curing applications.

Requirements as medical made journeys in order to take advantage of geothermal plants report set to go to another country to country for spa treatments and relax, relax and himself in a comfortable environment in order to feel better is how to benefit from spa with extensive hotel services.

As well as people's physical health thermal waters; people, beauty, health, stress-free life, is also in the body and mind relaxation.

Thermal Tourism; thermo-water bath, drinking, by inhalation as well as the treatment of various types of mud;

  • Talossoterapi are (seawater treatment)
  • Hydrotherapy (water therapy)
  • Balneotherapy (thermal water for treatment)
  • Mud pack (mud treatment)
  • Climatotherapy (climate therapy) and so on. There are also treatments. 

Also; Spa-Wellness Tourism has also spread widely in recent years. The literal meaning of spa "Salus Per Aqua" which means "Health is the incoming water."  

The Wellness; mind, body, and spirit in being good and healthy relationship represents.Massage, facials, mud and seaweed baths, bath treatments, try to win with nature and natural products, such as thalassotherapy health sibilities.


It is a kind of health tourism, covering the elderly and disabled tourism, especially while people aged 65 and over the last 20-30 years in parallel to the increasing average age of maintenance therapy.

  • Seniors Tourism, (Sightseeing Tours, Occupation Therapy)
  • Elderly care services (nursing homes or rehabilitation services)
  • Hotel in clinical rehabilitation services,
  • Sightseeing tours and special care for the disabled sibilities.

In the United States population aged 65 and over 12% of the general population constitutes 5.6% while in Turkey.

In 2050, approximately 20% of the world population is expected to create the elderly.

Careful examination of our country's important tourism market for the elderly, tourism and planning of appropriate forms of tourism are extremely important in this market.

Also; 15% of the world's population is disabled. In Turkey, this rate of about 12%.

The various classes of which over 5 million disabled and middle-income countries, according to various research that has not ever resort, 15 million Europeans with disabilities and the elderly have become disabled further large part is determined not come to our country.

At this point; Izmir unobstructed, is a city of great importance can be made accessible.

According to Ministry of Health data; 600 thousand people in 2015, came to Turkey for the purpose of health tourism. Istanbul, Bursa, Ankara, Izmir, Afyon, many of our cities, especially come to the fore in health tourism.  

Ministry of Health; 2 million international patients in 2019 has announced that it plans to bring to Turkey, while the targeted health tourism revenue in 2019 is projected to be 8 billion.

Between 2014- 2018 identified as the main title in health tourism development in Turkey; As of 2019, about 2 million are expected to benefit from the international patient's health tourism.

Contact with members who know a healthy and strong infrastructure has the capacity to develop foreign language Izmir in terms of health tourism in a short time. Izmir University of Economics in Izmir, especially in the health sector multilingual doctors, nurses, nurse, is an important development in our city started to be grown interposer.