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Agriculture In İzmir

İzmir is a pretty lucky city with regard to potential in agriculture. Its geographical structure and climate features creates an environment suitable for the cultivation of many plant species.

İzmir with its splendid potential that can be seen in few regions of the world, holds an incredible variety from fig, tobacco, citrus fruit, fairy farming, olive oil, cereals, medical and aromatic plants, winemaking and horticulture to apicultural products.

İzmir is one of the most important agricultural and food industrial centres of our country with its fertile lands, suitable climate conditions, rich water sources and biodiversity.

28,5 % of İzmir’s lands are constituted from agricultural areas. From the total 3.444.237 decares of agricultural lands, 41,4 % is arable field, 28,3 % is olive, 11,22% s vegetables, 9,56 % is fruits and 3,9 % is vineyard.

Considering the size of the total agricultural lands, Pergamon, Ödemiş, Bayındır, Torbalı, Tire, Menderes and Menemen are among the biggest.

The total agricultural production value in İzmir from 2017 is 15,6 billion TL, in which vegetal production value is 7,6 billion TL, animal products production value is 6,8 billion TL and aquaculture production value is 1,2 billion TL.

When we consider the production value and the share in the total production o vegetal production, animal production and aquaculture production in İzmir, the biggest share is in vegetal production, which is closely followed by animal production and aquaculture production has minor share.

Our city is prominent with its agricultural structure. İzmir’s values are above Turkey’s average in many products ‘growing crops and quality.

Cotton, tobacco, olive-olive oil, raisin and figs are of significant importance and their production and exports contributes to the city’s economy.

Along with the traditional products, organic farming, greenhouses, geothermal greenhouses, cut flowers, indoor plants, milk, citrus fruits, dried fruits and nuts, fresh fruits-vegetables, vinery, arboriculture, ovine breeding and aquaculture processing investments started increasing lately.

Indoor (ornamental) plants sector also occupies an important place in with the added value that it creates.

İzmir is at the 1st rank in the production lands listing of ornamental plants in Turkey with its 16.181,17 decares of production land. İzmir besides the potential of ornamental plants production has also an important share in its exports. The 2017 export of indoor ornamental plants increased by 46,54% compared to previous year and reached 10.120.406,32 Dollars. One of the 6 sectors that set a record in 2017 is indoor plants. İzmir with its share of approximately 12% in the export of indoor plants is the second biggest exporter in Turkey after the city of Antalya.

Another important sub sector of agriculture is fresh fruits and vegetables sector which has the optimum productivity. İzmir has an important potential in the export of fresh fruits and vegetables and is placed at 6th rank within Turkey. The export of fresh fruits and vegetables increased 30,75% compared to the previous year and reached  148,8 million USD. İzmir ranks 5th with this rate after Mersin, Hatay, Antalya and Trabzon in Turkey.

İzmir is the cradle of organic farming. There have been important developments especially in the recent years in organic farming. The first organic farming started in the mid 1980’s in İzmir with seedless dried grape.

Our city continues to be the Pioneer in organic farming. İzmir is at the fore in export and hosts many companies operating with organic farming products.

İzmir is in a favourable position in the sector with its fertile lands, plants diversity and broad animal range.

Total productivity rates are relatively high considering the races farmed and productivity per animal and the food industry based on animal products.

There are 694,438 beef cattles, 630,157 sheeps and 240,370 goats in our city from 2017.

Milk and dairy products sector is among the important production branches of İzmir’s economy. İzmir is the capital of milk. Our city is also placed ahead in productivity.

By 2017 2.210.684 tons of milk, 35.838 tons of red meat and 329,621 tons of white meat have been produced in İzmir.

Aquaculture sector and especially cultivation represent an important source of revenues for both our city and our country. 70.372 tons of aquaculture products have been produced in 2017 of which 8.590 tons of hunting and 61.782 tons of cultivation and a total production value of 1,18 billion TL has been obtained.

Considering foreign trade data, we can see that İzmir is the export gateway in food and agricultural products. The total share of export of our city in agriculture, animal breeding, fishery, food stuff and beverage was 10 % in 2017.

İzmir is keeping its pioneer role with her high added value, technological sophistication, success in agricultural set-up, high competitive force and sustainable usage of natural sources.


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