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Industry in İzmir

The share of industry within the gross Added Value that İzmir produces is 26,9%.

İzmir’s industry covers 6,5% of Turkish industry on its own.

33% of employed persons in İzmir are employed in the industry sector.

Small industry sites, organized industry zones, free zones and techno parks contribute to the development of İzmir’s industry.

The development of İzmir relies to the 1st İzmir Economic Congress organized between 147th February - 4th March 1923. After the congress steps of planned industrialisation were taken.

Aliağa, Bornova, Çiğli, Gaziemir, Kemalpaşa, Menderes, Menemen and Torbalı are districts where industry investments are concentrated. 

Textile, manufacturing of outfit and readymade garment, food, beverages, tobacco, petrochemicals, furniture, plastics, construction materials, medical equipment, packaging, moulding, aerospace, defence industry, renewable energy, automotive, iron-steel and shoes sector are important industry branches in İzmir.

Alcoholic drinks and tobacco products are the sectors that produce the highest added value in the sectors related to agriculture; they create employment and are important branch of industry which contribute directly or indirectly to each part of society from agriculture to transportation.

Petrochemical sector which represent 25% of the total chemicals production of our country is a locomotive sector which provides input to other sectors. One of the biggest petrochemical companies of Turkey Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ş. (PETKİM) Aliağa plants are in İzmir.

İzmir hosts the first refinery investment realized by the private sector with the Project of Star Refinery of 15 million tons of capacity per year in Petkim peninsula that is still under construction. Besides one of the 4 petroleum refineries of Turkey Petrol Refineries A.Ş (TÜPRAŞ) which is Europe’s 7th and the world’s 28th biggest petrol refinery is located in İzmir.

The Automotive sector is among the locomotive sectors of our country. Therefore it is extremely important that the sector keeps on growing for the country’s economy, development and employment. The number of automotive per 1000 persons is 110. Considering that this ratio is low compared to European Union countries such as France and Germany and the fact that young population rate is higher in our country compared to other countries; the high consumption potential in the automotive sector.

There are big scale companies operating in the automotive sector in İzmir and have intense foreign trade.

Most of the industry plants are hosted in Organized İndustrial Zones (OIZ) and in small industry sites.

There are many small and big industry sites in our city.

49 out of the total 311 OIZ in Turkey are located in the Aegean Region while 13 of the 49 OIZ are located in İzmir.

These OIZs are; İTOB OIZAliağa Chemicals Specialisation and Mixed OIZBağyurdu OIZBergama OIZİzmir Atatürk OIZBuca Aegean Clothing OIZ, İzmir Kemalpaşa OIZİzmir Pancar OIZKınık OIZMenemen Plastical Specialisation OIZ, Ödemiş OIZ, Tire OIZ and Torbalı OIZ.

Aegean Free Zone (ESBAŞ) located in Gaziemir and the İzmir Free Zone (İZBAŞ) located in Menemen are 2 important free zones of the city.

Within the development strategy based on export, the free zones that are seen as an important means for the increase of the country’s exports contribute greatly to the development of İzmir’s foreign trade. Especially the Aegean Free Zone is among the biggest free zones of Turkey in terms of trade volume.

The number of technology zones that provide cooperation between industry and university with the aim of producing goods and services of advanced technology in İzmir increase from day to day.

The total number reached 4 with the İzmir Science Parc  founded by our Chamber,  the Dokuz Eylül Technology Development Zone,  the Aegean Techno Parc Technology Development Zone,  and the İzmir Technology Development Zone.

İzmir Science Parc was declared and established as the 42nd Techno park of Turkey in October 2012 with the leadership of İzmir University of Economics and İzmir Chamber of Commerce with the participation of ITOB OIZ, İzmir Commodity Exchange, Aegean Exporters Union, Aegean University, Gazi Techno park and the private sector’s leading companies upon the suggestion of the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Mr. Nihat Ergün about establishing a techno park focusing on agriculture in the end of 2010 at the İzmir Chamber of Commerce Tax Award Ceremony .

İzmir Science Park identified particularly the sectors of software and informatics and the sectors of sustainable agriculture and sustainable energy as target sector because as nowadays technology and internet penetrate each area; agriculture, food and energy sectors are to become the main strategic sectors at global scale and also because İzmir has great animal and agricultural potential hosting many fertile plains cultivable three times a year and along with its renewable energy covering wind, solar and wave energies alongside İzmir’s unique strategic and geographical position.  

İzmir Science Park’s first building called Işık Building which has a basement  floor+ ground floor and + 2 floors covers 29 research - development offices with a total of 1.598 net square metres rentable area, an Embryonic centre of 200 square metres, 3 meeting rooms of total 84 square metres and 4.599 square metres of storage areas.

İzmir Science Park’s facilities are not only limited to this as entrepreneurs of the area can also use the facilities of the ITOB OIZ Direction Building hosting a conference hall of 200 persons, a meeting room, interview rooms, the restaurant and the sport complex that would be launched soon for free of charge.

There is an easy and comfortable access to İzmir Science Park and ITOB OIZ thanks to the İZBAN subway. There are free shuttles from the İZBAN Pancar subway station to the İzmir Science Park.

İzmir Science Park established a technology development centre roof with its driving force of İzmir University of Economics and the İzmir Chamber of Commerce. This roof rises on three pillars: İzmir Science Park Technology Development Centre, İzmir University of Economics Embryonic Technology Transfer Office and the İzmir Chamber of Commerce Business Angels and Mentor Network.

İzmir is a centre of attraction for foreign capital due to particularly to its human resources, its geographical position and the advantages that it has.

The number of foreign capital companies in the city is 2.553 as from 2017 November.


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