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Health of İzmir

Health is described as “a human being without illness or disability and physically, spiritually and socially in a good shape”. It is a basic need and it is the source of the daily life, the importance of health is undisputable. Health is a sector that the dynamics change quickly and expand progressively.

The hospitals, special health centers, polyclinics and consulting rooms are businesses that present health service to the society and undertake great missions to create a healthy society. They are the reason of presence of the sector.

Health is very important in Izmir in terms of history. Bergama Asklepion was a health center equally important as Epidaurus and Kos in the old century. According to Pausanias, the first Asklepios temple was established in the first half of the 4th century B.C. The holy area of Asklepios, its yard with a showroom, its theatrical structure of 3500 people, and its cult room that belonged to Emperor Hadrianus, its library and the Asklepios Temple with a round plan was a pretty important health center in the Roman period.

Considering the health facilities in İzmir positive developments are observed in recent years. There are 56 hospitals as private, public and state owned and the designated bed capacity is 11421. Furthermore, there are 7 private oral and dental health centers, 123 private oral and dental health polyclinics, 827 dentist clinics, 44 special branch centers, 30 medical centers, 682 doctor clinics and 29 polyclinics providing services.

In the annual health statistics report of the Ministry of Health published in 2016;

There are 9.813 doctors in Izmir, 5.759 of them are specialist physicians, 2.224 are general practitioners and 1830 doctor assistants. Besides, 1.857 dentists, 1.895 pharmacists, 8.750 nurses, 2.787 midwives (wise women) and 7.454 medical personnel serve in the city.

By February 20018, 3 hospitals and 1 clinic laboratory, 4 medical institution in total have been accredited with Joint Commission International (JCI) which determines, measures and shares the best practices in the field of quality and patient security.

In many developed countries, particularly in EU countries, the elderly population being too much, the cost of healthcare being too high and in the least developed countries, the level of the healthcare system being inadequate made our city  important destination in medical tourism.

The income from the medical tourism is planned to be increased to 20 billion US dollars by 2023. In 2023, the aim is to triple the medical expenses per person and reach 2.000 US Dollars.

Izmir is a city that medical tourism and coastal tourism are tied to each other through the colourful sea, beaches and thermal centers in the west.

The dignity, tranquillity, climate, transportation, sea and sun of Izmir are privileges in the treatment process and it is an important advantage for medical tourism.

Regarding the thermal tourism which is a sub branch of medical tourism; our city has thermal sources that form a method for natural treatment.

The hot springs and spas in Balçova Agamemnon, Bayındır, Bergama, Çeşme, Dikili, Gülbahçe, Menemen and Seferihisar are very beneficial in many illnesses’ cure primarily rheumatism and skin problems. There are 7 licensed thermal facilities in Balçova, Narlıdere and Çeşme, also there are 5 investment licensed thermal facilities in Çeşme, Dikili and Menderes.

There are 7 thermal facilities with business licence in Balçova, Narlıdere and Çeşme. Besides there are 8 therma facilities with investment license in Çeşme, Menderes and Seferiihisar.

It is important that İzmir acquires the rightful share from the health tourism. İzmir with its high tourism potential and health sector infrastructure has the adequate qualifications to host medical tourists.

There are 900 companies operating in the 30th Medical Supply Professional Group of our Chamber and 744 companies in  the 31st Human Health Professional Group, 253 companies in the 32nd Eyeglasses Professional Group and 319 companies in the 33rd Dental Professional Group.


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