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İzmir In Numbers

  • 8500 years of continuous life
  • An important port city in the Eastern Mediterranean region, on the route of Ancient Silk Road, which connects Asian and European continents together
  • A great logistical location in the intersection of Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Sea
  • With a population of 4,2 million people – 3rd biggest city of Turkey
  • The leader city of the Aegean Region from commerce to industry, from education to art, from tourism to health in all areas
  • Multi-sector structure as a result of the multi – identity structure 
  • Strategic geographical location, favorable climate, fertile soil, infrastructure facilities and well educated graduates and qualified labour force
  • According to  Global Metro Monitor 2014 Report prepared by Brookings Institute and JP Morgan Chase, 2nd fastest developing city of the world
  • 13 Organized Industrial Zones
  • 2 Free Zones
  • 4 Technological Development Zones / Technopark
  • 8 universities – 6 of which state owned and 2 of which private
  • More than 100 R & D Centers of which 20 performs toward industry
  • 46 fairs of which 8 international fairs annually More than 2000 foreign capitalized firms.

Map1:  Direct flight from İzmir to foreign cities

  • Direct flight nearly 51 cities on 2 continents
  • Renewed airport with a capacity of 25 million passengers
  • 1.423.272 millions of foreign and domestic tourists each year  
  • More than 20 billion dollars export and import volume with a capacity of 40 billion dollars of total foreign trade per year according to customs data
  • Izmir Alsancak Port: Turkey's biggest container port with a capacity of 10 million tons
  • In the ports of Aliağa, each year 40 million tons of foreign trade are transactioned
  • Direct access to the city of Trieste, Italy with ro – ro ships takes off from Cesme Port
  • Alternative ro – ro  lines from Alsancak Port to Greece and France
  • İzmir’s ports have a total loading capacity of 55 million tons