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Logistics of İzmir

İzmir has many capabilities with the properties of being a city of military, trade, transportation, port and university.

With its natural harbour and its connection to other cities, Izmir has become a major industry and commerce city.

İzmir with its location, proximity to European and world markets, location of its investment areas and organized industrial zones, universities, skilled labour force, other foreign investment in the Aegean region, it has the potential to become a logistic base.

It is sufficient to have a look at Izmir's contribution to foreign trade for its logistic potential. In 2017, according to customs data, in export, Izmir contributed 12.4% to country's exports with 19.4 billion dollars. İzmir imports from customs in 2017 reached 20.8 billion dollars. In other words, with its foreign trade that exceeds 40 billion dollars, Izmir will clearly be one of the leading logistic centres in Turkey.

A large part of trade in İzmir; Turkey’s third largest city, is provided by maritime transport. Port of Izmir is very effective and has a great role in the transportation system of the city. In İzmir, large part of the exports are carried by sea and İzmir port takes its place among the main container ports in Turkey.

Also; Izmir Alsancak Port is conveniently situated in terms of transportation. Adnan Menderes Airport is 25 minutes, the Aegean Free Zone Area 20 minutes, Bornova is 10 minutes, where industrial organization is vast, Torbalı and Kemalpaşa is 35 minutes, Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone is 25 minutes, the Manisa Organized Industrial Zone is 35 minutes and the Aliağa Industrial Zone 50 minutes away. When we take all these factors into consideration, İzmir Alsancak Port is an important port city for both İzmir and Aegean Region in terms of foreign trade.

Alsancak Port capacity is 1 million TEU. Its capacity would reach 3 million TEU within the “İzmir Gulf and Alsancak Port Rehabilitation Project” which would deepen the approach / Access canal and the establishment of the new container terminal. Besides there are Ro-Ro expeditions once every week. Cruise ships coming to İzmir also approach the Alsancak Port.

In Nemrut Docks District, there are 5 pieces pier made ​​for transportation for bulk cargo. Piers operator companies like Ege Gübre, Akdeniz Kimya witnessed the problems and needs in Alsancak Port and started providing services since 2012.

Ege Gübre Port provides services with 4.000-8.000 Tons/Day in general Cargo handling, 10.000-30.000 Tons/Day in bulk solid handling, 250-400 m3/hour in bulk liquid handling and 75 Units / Hour in Cargo handling capacity.

Nemport Port has a capacity of 500.000 Tons/Year in general Cargo, 500.000 Tons/Year in bulk solid Cargo, 450.000 TEU/Year in container handling.

Other ports; Batıçim port has a handling capacity of 3 million tons, Egeçelik has 7.5 million tons, HABAŞ has 5.6 million tons and İDÇ has 755.000 tons handling capacity.

The Petkim, started constructing a port with an initial capacity of 1.5 million TEU; will reach 4 million TEUs when fully operational. In February 22, 2013, Petkim signed 28 -year contract with APM Terminals that is one the world's leading operator; stated that they will carry the distinction of being the first port to dock ships of 11.000 TEU.

Also in the south west of the city there is Çeşme Ro-Ro and Ferry Port. Trucking rigs are carried with Ro-Ro expeditions from Çeşme to Trieste in Italy.

Ongoing construction of North Aegean Çandarlı Port will not only be a transit port but also main port of İzmir and will create new added value to the national economy.

It is not possible for İzmir to become a logistic centre only with its ports. There is also a need to create logistic fields and centres on land.

Works on Kemalpaşa Logistics Center which was planned by the Ministry of Maritime Transport and Communications are still carried on. Kemalpaşa is the most adequate logistic centre due to its location on the corridor that opens to central Anatolia from İzmir and due to its proximity to industry centres.

Based on the worldwide example, intermodal transport systems will be transferred to our city; so costs for our members in dealing with foreign trade will be lowered; customs areas and services of the Alsancak Port will be relieved. Goods entering the city from the south and the other axles will be gathered in one centre and future burden will be eliminated. Together with the establishment of a logistics centre at the intersection of highway, railroad, and goods will be gathered in one spot without a negative impact on the city and will be sent all over the world.

Within this perspective, our Chamber is planning to establish a logistic centre in the south within the South İzmir Logistic project.

BALL Project, gathering production in certain centers in order to export them to Europe via railroad, started with the leadership of TOBB was launched in 2004 in Turkey. BALL - Greater Anatolia Logistics Organizations after experiencing some delays Corporation was founded in 2012. Our Chamber became a partner of BALL in 2012 in order to assess the logistics potential of Izmir and provide convenience for the member companies those exporting.

The company's objective is to lower transportation cost in order to achieve competitive advantage in the international market by sending the containers to Continental Europe via railroad instead of land or sea transportation as railroad is much more cost-effective.

Besides, large scale projects such as the İzmir- Istanbul highway, İzmir-Antalya Highway, İzmir - Çanakkale Highway that would connect İzmir to Europe, İzmir-Ankara high speed train line would expand İzmir’s logistic network and bring great added value to the city.

Important developments are taking place in Izmir's air transport infrastructure. Izmir's airport capacity has been increased. Together with the new domestic terminal, the capacity of Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport has reached a total of 30 million passengers.

İzmir, due to the capacity that it has, it is possible to make some of the international transportations directly from İzmir instead of via Istanbul. Besides new international lines can also be integrated.

Works are carried out to make İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport Turkey’s second hub airport after İstanbul.

In sum, İzmir uses the advantages of its geographical location and infrastructure and superstructure works continues in order to increase foreign trade and logistics activities.

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