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Domestic Trade

Service sector covers 67.7 % of total gross value added of Izmir. Izmir covers 7 % of the total service sector of Turkey. 58.9 % of the total working population of Izmir is employed in the sector of services.

Bazaars in city centres are places in the city where trade is concentrated. The volume of trade activities in the city centre is intense.

Trade centres of the city where trade activities are concentrated are as follows:  Kemeraltı; Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre; Yenişehir Trade Centre; Lumberman’s Bazaar; Waste Collector’s Site; Ground Shipment Site; Fashion, Textiles and Garments (MTK) Site; Glassman’s Site; Otokent; Teemer’s Site; Işıkkent Shoeseller’s Site; Recycling Site; Kısıkköy Furniture and Metalworks Site; Izmir Storage Site (İZDEP); Karabağlar Furniture Bazaar; Çankaya Electronics Bazaar; Balçova Industrial Site; Güzelbahçe Industrial Site.

Furthermore, there are also some district bazaars where the volume of trade is intense such as Karşıyaka Bazaar, Bostanlı, Alsancak, Alsancak Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street, Balçova Ata Street, Hatay Street, Bornova Square and surroundings, Buca Forbes Street, Gaziemir, Narlıdere, Güzelbahçe, Hatay, Balçova, Buca, Güzelyalı, and Bornova.

In addition, apart from the metropolitan city centre, there are also touristic attraction centres such as Çeşme, Alaçatı, Eski Foça, Yeni Foça, Seferihisar, Tire, Ödemiş, Şirince, and bazaars in Selçuk along with touristic destinations.

Although there are lots of shopping malls, bazaars and shopping centres in historical and modern places of Izmir; due to the shift of domestic sales to online sales (via the Internet) and to shopping centres located outside the city centre, the desired dynamism cannot be achieved.

Tourists coming to Izmir, the hub of the regional economy, from either other cities in the region for shopping-travelling purposes or foreign countries for sightseeing mostly visit the bazaars in Kemeraltı, Konak, Karabağlar, Alsancak, Karşıyaka, and Yenişehir.

The shopping activities mentioned above is focused on consumer goods such as food (the primary category), clothing, souvenirs, and furniture.

Improving the quality of promotion-advertising and services in the traditional bazaars and organizing bazaar-oriented campaigns at certain times constitute only a small part of the solution; making more use of the online network in shopping activities is crucial for providing a wider range of alternatives to the customer.

The three districts of Kemeraltı, Agora, and Basmane must be re-organized and therefore be integrated into the trade of Izmir.

Supermarket/hypermarket format is developed in coastal and touristic places apart from the city centre like Çeşme, Foça, Dikili, and Seferihisar with the increase in population densities and the improvement of the quality of life in terms of economy. The structure mentioned here can also be observed in concentration ratios.

The Aegean Region has the maximum concentration ratio in Turkey. In recent years, the modern retail sector has developed significantly in Turkey and in the Aegean Region. With its young, open-minded societal structure with diverse demands, Izmir is the leading city among those where the retail sector is on the rise.

In Izmir, housing costs and rent constitute 27.3 % of the household consumption expenditures while 18 % is for food and non-alcoholic beverages, 15.9 % is for transportation, 7.1 % is for restaurants and hotels, and 6.4 % is for furniture, household appliances and maintenance services.

Housing sales increase each year in Izmir. 84,184 residences were sold in 2017.

1,381,000 motor vehicles are in the traffic circulation in Izmir. The electric consumption value is 4,556 kWh.

In 2017, on one hand, 7,010 companies have been established in Izmir. On the other hand, 1,607 companies have been shut down.

The tax revenue increases each year in Izmir. As of 2017, TL 63 billion is collected as tax revenue.

As of 2017, the amount of constant investments realized with incentives is TL 7,5 billion in Izmir. Within the same time period, the value of public investments is TL 2.7 billion.

Fashion, Textiles and Garments Site (MTK)

The textile sector is among the substantial lines of business in Izmir.

Initially clustering at Mimar Kemalettin Street in the city centre, the leading enterprises of the sector established Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre.

As the high density formed due to the rising population of the city brought about the necessity of establishing outside the centre, Drapery, Haberdashery and Garment Wholesalers Business Cooperative, Ltd. (MTK) was founded in 1983 and its current place in Bornova Çamdibi was started to be established.

MTK is the largest clustered sectoral bazaar in Turkey encompassing wholesalers of household linens, carpets, and blankets; clothing machines and materials providers; fabric wholesalers; embroiderers; knitwear sellers; fabric stampers; combed cotton manufacturers; manufacturers of jeans, men’s shirts and bridal gowns; men’s and women’s underwear; menswear; carpet sellers; and soft furnishing sellers.

MTK’s Fashion, Textiles and Garments Site is established on an area of 823,000 square meters with 755 businesses.

The reinforced concrete indoor structure of 400,000 square meters including its entire infrastructure, the pathway of 100,000 square meters made with interlocking paving stones, green spaces, recreational facilities, and the mosque is built only using the funds provided by membership fees.

A total of 20 thousand people are employed within the site.

Apart from its general layout and architectural beauty, MTK’s Fashion, Textiles and Garments Site is also spectacular with regards to its recreational amenities. There are also restaurants, banks and a post office (PTT) on the site.

The pathways and green spaces cover a wide area and there are also parking lots in three different zones. In addition, as there are parking garages in the basement floors of each workplace with a capacity of 2500 vehicles and open parking spaces/garages with a capacity of 2250 vehicles, there are no parking problems in the site.

Çamkule Community Clinic, also built by MTK, is now handed over to the Turkish Ministry of Health and Social Security and provides service to the employees of the site and the regional population.

MTK’s Fashion, Textiles and Garments Site is close to the Highway, the Bus Terminal, storages, Alsancak Port, Adnan Menderes Airport and the city centre. By using the public buses and other means of public transports, reaching the Site is very easy even from the farthest regions of the city.


Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre

Encompassing companies operating in the sector of ready-to-wear fashion and textiles and established on an area of 75,000 square meters closed to traffic, Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre is one of the most important bazaars in Izmir specialized on a sectoral level.

Being a historical centre present for more than a century and spanning from Çankaya at one side to Konak at another, the bazaar has approximately 1000 companies mostly operating in the sector of ready-to-wear fashion and textiles.

The majority of the businesses operate in the field of bridal gowns and evening dresses.

With regards to many product types, the bazaar is among the leading centres not only of Izmir but also of Turkey.

Providing an example of natural clusters, businesses operating in sectors such as bridal gowns, evening dresses, trousers, sportswear, womenswear, menswear, children’s wear along with fabric and accessory manufacturers are present in the bazaar.

Wide spaces being present for pedestrian traffic, the bazaar offers places for sitting and leisure along with an ideal atmosphere for organising various events.

There are some spatial problems in the fashion centre.

City surveillance cameras must be installed in the bazaar, enabling to monitor the entire fashion centre. With these cameras, the bazaar will be a safer place.

Better-looking and more modern lighting solutions must be implemented and the empty space in the middle of the bazaar must be put to better use.

As the Chamber of Commerce, we are taking action in order to increase the brand value of Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre.

In this respect, we offer support to our members for fairs and the aids of the Ministry of Economy for the development of international competitiveness to bridal gown and evening dress manufacturers.

With the aim of transferring our cultural heritage under the control of universal enforcement mechanisms, as the Izmir Chamber of Commerce, we have launched in 2006 a project for the inclusion of the historical city centre in Izmir in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Regarding this issue which has become once again an important issue with the inclusion of Ephesus in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 2015, it was announced by the Metropolitan Mayor of Izmir that the steps were being taken for the inclusion of Kemeraltı, Agora, and Kadifekale, i.e. the historical triangle of the city centre.

It would increase the attractiveness of Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre along with its prominence in Izmir and Turkey if the historical zone between Kadifekale, Agora, and Kemeraltı was brought to light and included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Kemeraltı Bazaar is a living witness of history with its historical inns, hotels, mosques, synagogues, churches, shrines along with Turkish, Greek, Levantine and Republican Era buildings and Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre cannot be thought separately from Kemeraltı.

Our members, especially taking action in order to become brands in the field of bridal gown and evening dress manufacturing, would gain more revenues from tourism and the giant textile brands in the sector would become aware of the potential of the Centre with the historical heritage becoming widely known.

As Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Centre, a majority of the businesses of which being members of our Chamber, is established on a wide area, actions must be taken in order to transform it into a venue where different recreational spaces can be included and fashion events can be organised.

The promotional activities of the Fashion Centre must be increased and necessary steps for the attraction of the tourists coming with cruise ships to the Centre must be taken.


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