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Domestic Trade

Service sector covers 67,7% of total gross value added of İzmir.

Izmir covers 7% of total service sector of Turkey.

56,5% of total working population of İzmir is employed in the sector of services.

Bazaars in city centres are places of the city where trade is intense.

There are intense trade activities in the city centre.

Trade centers of the city are as follows:  Kemeraltı, Mimar Kemalettin Fashion Center, Yenişehir Trade Center, Lumbermen bazaar, Waste Collector Site, Ground Shipment Site, MTK Site, Glasswares Site, Otokent, Teemers Site, Işıkkent Shoesellers Site, Recycling Site, Kısıkköy Furniture and Metal affairs Site, İZDEP, Karabağlar Furniture Bazaar, Çankaya Electricians Bazaar, Balçova Trade Site and Güzelbahçe Industrial Site.

Besides there are some district bazaars where trade is also intense in Karşıyaka Bazaar, Alsancak, Alsancak Kıbrıs Şehitleri Street, Balçova Ata Street, Hatay Street, Bornova Square and surroundings, Buca Forbes Street, Hatay, Balçova, Buca, Güzelyalı, Bornova.

On the other hand, away from the city center, there are touristic attractive centers such as Çeşme, Alaçatı, Eskifoça, Yenifoça, Seferihisar, Tire, Ödemiş, Şirince, Selçuk Bazaars.

Despite there are lots of shopping malls, bazaars and shopping centers in historical and modern places of Izmir, because of the shift of domestic sales to online sales (via internet) and because of the shopping centers which headquarter’s are outside İzmir; the expected dynamics cannot be reached in the city.

Tourists all over the world and also from the other cities, mostly visit Kemeraltı, Konak, Karabağlar, Alsancak, Karşıyaka, Yenişehir bazaars.

Shopping is focused on food, clothing, souvenirs, furniture and consumption goods etc.

Promotion of service, advertisement issues in traditional bazaars form only a small part of the solution. The increase in the usage online shopping presents more alternatives to customer.

Kemeraltı-Agora-Basmane triangle is needed to be re-organized and this axis must be brought in the trade of Izmir.

İzmir is the leading city where retail sector is rising with a community which is young, open-minded and with a community structure with diverse demands.

Supermarket/hypermarket format is developed in coastal and touristic places away from city center like in Çeşme, Foça, Dikili, Seferihisar with the advanced population density and quality of life.  

Mentioned structure also can be seen in concentration ratios.

Aegean Region recorded to have maximum concentration ratio in Turkey.

The Aegean region is the region with the highest concentration ratios of Turkey.

In recent years, modern retail sector developed a lot in Turkey and in Izmir.

In 2016, 7.010 companies have been established in Izmir, but on the other hand, 1.607 companies have been shut down. (Liquidate not included.)

Tax collection rates is increasing each year in Izmir. By 2017, 62 billion TL tax income is collected.

By 2015, the constant investment amount realized with incentives is 7,6 billion TL in Izmir.

In the same period, 2,7 billion TL public investment has taken place.


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