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Education of İzmir

Nowadays global competition that rises is seriously felt in every sector.

In the past the price was determining the advantage in competition, nowadays together with price, quality and diversity of goods also became significant elements.

Therefore qualified human resources that adopt the changing conditions in the direction of the customer preferences became very important.

In that context a country’s qualified labour is the most important element of that country’s competition capability.

The required labour force that is currently needed can only become feasible through education.

In contrast with the aging population of Europe, our need of qualified labour can be sustained easily.

İzmir became one of the cities that investors prefer due to the labour potential that is qualified.

In 2016 / 2017 academic year, there are 525 preschools, 778 primary schools, 623 middle schools and 478 high schools of which 247 of them are in general education and 231 are in Vocational and Technical education students in İzmir.

School participation in İzmir is 90,01% for primary (elementary) school, 96,25% for secondary school and 87,19% for secondary education. 

There are 270.897 students in the secondary education institutions. 43,1% of them prefer Vocational and Technical education and 56,1% prefer General secondary education.

Universities that might be the most important stage of education of young people, support in general country's growth and development and supports also in private region’s growth and development.

Even though the main mission of universities is contributing to the personal development and people's intellectual sphere but they also have important economic impacts.

There are eight universities in İzmir: Dokuz Eylül University, Aegean University, İzmir Bakırçay University, İzmir University of Economics, İzmir Kâtip Çelebi University, İzmir High Technology University and Yaşar University.

İzmir Bakırçay Univerrsity which is established with the Law related to the Support of Investments on Project Basis and Amendment about Some Legislations or Regulations acting as Legislations which was published on the Official Newspaper dated September 7th 2016, the University foresees to accept student at the next academic year.

Izmir University of Economics is the first private university of İzmir and Aegean Region that is founded on April 14th 2001 with 2 faculties, 5 colleges and two institutes.

İzmir University of Economics trains the labour force that the business sectors require. In that direction, the departments in the university diversify continuously according to the professions that are needed each year.

Education language at this University is in English. For the second language, students are given 9 different language choices.

Universities that are in our city are preferred due to their quality of education.

Another reason for the preference of İzmir’s universities is the international connection that they have.

Today, many young people from different cities and even from abroad come to our city to study at universities in Izmir and they benefit from the social and cultural opportunities of our city.

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