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IT of İzmir

While the busy business life has been passing the changes in the work flow types might not be realized.

However, many actors that enter to amend the work flow are from IT sector. The technology consumer market has been growing.

The renovations about hardware, software, services etc that creates the infrastructure of the “IT Sector” amend and facilitate the working traditions.

While the Turkish population is 77 million 695 thousand 904, the member of broadband internet is 41 million 227 thousand and 022 and the member of fixed broadband is 8 million 866 thousand 361, member of mobile broadband internet is 32 million 360 thousand, the member of mobile computer broadband internet is 1 million 354 thousand 746 and the member of mobile phone internet is 31 million 5 thousand 915.

While the İzmir population is 4 million 113 thousand 72, the member of broadband internet is 2 million 432 thousand 268 and the member of fixed broadband is 675 thousand 550, member of mobile broadband internet is 1 million 756 thousand 718, the member of mobile computer broadband internet is 90 thousand 678 and the member of mobile phone internet is 1 million 666 thousand 40.

Even though the Information and Communication Technology production and export is not adequate, the level of utilization of these technologies is very high.

At this point, it is necessary to increase the R&D investments and supports for innovation and to implement higher institutional standards.

The reasons that the IT sector does not develop are inability to conserve the qualified labor force, lack of capital, problems while acquiring the supports and preferring the foreign software.

There are 5 technology development zones in İzmir for the entrepreneurs, researchers and academicians that would like to produce new or advanced technology.

İzmir Technology Development Zone that is located within the İzmir High Technology Institute and is founded by the collaboration of our Chamber and İzmir University of Economics in 2001. It was launched in 2004 with 1.093 m2 office area and 16 firms. Nowadays, there are 4 buildings, 3.500 m2 office areas. In addition in 2012 with a support project by İZKA it was launched to the innovation project with 7.500 closed areas. Within the innovation center there are incubator center, patent and technology transfer office, stakeholders office and qualified social equipment centers.

İzmir Science park aims to realize potential of the sectors of IT, software, sustainable agriculture and sustainable energy.

The third technology development center of İzmir Dokuz Eylül Technology Development Region was launched in the Dokuz Eylül University Tınaztepe campus and İnciraltı campus which is near to university hospital in order to educate labor force in the areas of biomedical and medical technology.

İdeEGE Ege Life Sciences Technology Development Zone was founded in Ege University Bornova campus in October 2014, with an incubator center of 3.200 m2 closed area and 17 personnel and 3 laboratories.

Katip Çelebi University in the Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone launched the pre protocol for a techno park. By combining the area of 25 thousand m2 of İzmir Katip Çelebi University and 50 thousand m2 of Atatürk Industrial Zone area it is planned to build a techno park.

Lastly, Celal Bayar University Muradiye campus that is located in Manisa techno park of Celal Bayar University within an area of 111.000 m2 is approved. First stage is a building of a 4 thousand m2 area.

When the proximity of region to İzmir is considered, it is thought that it will be attraction center for the research and development activities of companies from İzmir.

As there are 5 Technology Development Regions in the İzmir, our Chamber is among the co-founders by providing moral and material support to Technology Development Zones.

Information Society came to the fore by shifting from industrial age to information age, so many activities targeting information society transformation at regional or global scale has been carrying on.

When it is considered from innovation perspective, information technologies sector which has very high added value will be very effective at reaching information society for our country.

Because, the products and services offered at information sector takes their place very in the daily life, technological developments depending on work organizations and customer demands causes the frequent changes of professional activities needed by markets and new occupations are developing.

With this respect, we need to use information technologies,  which came into our life by e-signature, registered e-mail, network and information security, internet domain names, e-mail addresses, cloud computing, digital archive etc., more both in practice and production manner.

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